New Year… New Places!

I feel like I’m already winning at resolutions; Budapest and Vienna are the next booked destinations for January. Passports are at the ready but a little research and maybe some strategic planning are required to fit two cities into our trip time.

River cruises, thermal baths, Lipizzaners, museums, galleries and butterfly houses are on the To Do List so far. Both Budapest and Vienna offer a wealth of experiences for their visitors and whittling them down is proving pretty tricky. Luckily; I have a partner in crime who will keep me a bit more focused. 

This year I have several focuses but I’m still straightening them out in my head a little, I’ll be posting them as 2017 in the menu bar once I’ve completed my brain jiggle. 

All that is really left to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this year brings you happiness, health and plenty of adventure.

Thanks for the read, Nat x


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